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Thank you for visiting us on the net.  Our threading artists and expert estheticians have over 15 yrs of experience dealing with a wide range of skin problems, eyebrow shapes, unwanted skin tags and hair reduction issues.  Come in for a free, no obligation consultation today!

Blissful Threading  ||  Brow/Lash Tinting  ||  EyeLash Curl  ||  Microderm Peel  ||  Skin Tag Removal  ||   Intense Pulse Light Hair Reduction  ||  Intense Pulse Light Rejuvenation  ||  Acne Healing & Scar Reduction  ||  Micro-Needle Stamping  ||  Obaji Blue Radiance Peel ||  Cryocell Mini-Facelift & Cold Mask  ||  Spa Inch Loss & Body Wrap Detox  ||  Permanent Make-up  || Ear Coning  ||  Sugarin Waxing  ||  Scalp Massage  ||  Henna Hair Tinting  ||  Reiki Healing & Teaching

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Mon-Fri: 10AM - 7PM

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HERBAL RELAXATION FACIAL (100% Natural, 100% Stress Relief)

When you just want to get away for a bit, our herbal facial is the ticket.  All natural herbal products, ionic steam, ultrasonic aloe healing gel and a relaxing face massage combine to melt away your troubles.

Its never been this easy to just walk away from it all, even if its just for an hour.

No appointment necessary, walk-in anytime. 

FACE &  EYEBROW THREADING (Look Mama!, no appointments)

An amazing art of facial hair removal & expert eyebrow shaping with a simple cotton thread.

We only use imported 100% double cotton thread for the original feel of threading.

Our threading experts can set your eyebrows straight or in any shape you like.

Come in and see the difference for yourself.

Luxuriously comfortable threading beds and a complimentary relaxing eyebrow massage.
Private rooms available upon request

Noora's is the ultimate threading experience.  

EYEBROW or  EYELASH TINTING (Wow, your eyebrows are realy rockin' now!)

Darker? Lighter? When your eyebrows or eyelashes need to match your style, we are here to help.

EYELASH CURL (Put some pzzazz into boring!)

Eyelash rollers, special glue and 45 mins.

Get your eyelashes off the straight and on to the grovvy road.  Yeah! Girl-Power!

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MICRODERM  PEEL (Fruit acid meets crystal exfoliation!)

A combination of fruit acid and vacumn crystal exfoliation provides you with a

deep facial cleansing, minimizing irritation and downtime.  

Consider a series of three treatments for complete facial rejuvenation and

save money as well with our package discounts.


Safe and instant results for cholestrol deposits, raised moles and other

fibromas on your face, body or neck.

Affordable treatments using the latest technology.  

Come in for a free, no obligation consultation today!


Simple and effective instant hair removal with all natural ingredients like

sugar, lemon, water etc.


(Take that, you hair follicle!)

Safe, affordable and effective permanent hair reduction using the latest in

pulse light technology.

Intense pulse light combines light and heat energy to destroy the hair follicle

over a series of treatments.

You can now be free of excess or unwanted hair forever!

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(Say hello to an even skin tone!)

Pulse light therapy can bring out a fresh healthy layer of skin,

reducing dark spots for an even complexion.

IPL uses a combination of specific heat & light to promote collagen growth,

which brings new skin to the surface without harsh chemical peels.

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From minor flare-ups to major disasters, our experienced staff can heal your

acne and reduce scars using a combination of Microderm, Intense Pulse Light and Stamping.

Come in for a free, no obligation consultation today!

MICRO NEEDLE STAMPING  (Tiny needles, Giant effect!)

Stamping is a micro needle treatment that is non-surgical and non-ablative.

Use your bodies natural healing process to reduce acne scars, fine lines and pore size.

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OBAJI BLUE RADIANCE PEELS (Funny name, serious results!)

Get instantly radiant, tighter, smoother skin with the best prescription strength skin care system,

but without the sky high prices of a dermatologist.

Call for an appointment today!

CRYOCELL MINI-FACELIFT & COLD MASK  (Is that your sister?)

Using a combination of heat/cold and vibration technology, cryocell therapy is able to

stimulate the underlying facial muscles for a visible lifting/ firming effect and infuse collagen

growth factors deep into the underlying skin layer for fine line reduction.

A special cold mask is the perfect ending to this therapy, leaving you with a radiant glow.

Cryocell therapy is now our most requested anti-aging treatment.


 (Honey, Can you pick up my little black dress from the cleaners!)

Burn up to 600 calories or more per session in our enclosed spa bed.  

We apply a herbal body mask and body wrap for maximum detox, metabolic boost and skin tightening.

Perfect for those ocassions when you need to look your best or fit into that special dress.

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PERMANENT MAKE-UP  (A gift that lasts a lifetime.)

With over 20 yrs of experience, our expert can help you achieve the shape and color you desire.

Save time and money with a permanent solution for your eyebrows, eyeliner or lipliner.

Call us for an appointment today!

EAR CONING (You need...What? get....what?...your ear...did you say?)

A safe and effective way to reduce wax build up using a long hollow candle and the power of suction.

A refreshing and relieving treatment for your inner ears.

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A good stress reliever and hair/scalp treatment combo.


A natural herbal way to tint grey hair, make them stronger and boost growth.

REIKI HEALING & TRAINING (Hollistic wellness for inner peace)

Reiki is a positive and beneficial energy.  It is used for the benefit of self and others. 

It brings purity and trust in thoughts and views.  It increases happiness, courage and tranquility.

Our Reiki specialist is also a certified teacher, for those interested in learning.

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